Mindful Exercises with Feedback.

Tone your Body
Increase Your Strength
Improve your stability
The poses you know, but with feedback.

Compare your left and right side.

Measure your strength in real-time doing exercises you know (and love) such as Downward Dog, Warrior 2 and Tree Pose. 

Experience a mindful muscle contraction while following a variety of different patterns in the Activ5 companion app.

Just squeeze.

Exercises personalized to you.

Real-time strength feedback and measurements.

Coaching app with exercises, workouts and programs.

Protects your joints to minimize the risk of injury.

At Home, the Office or On the Go.

Movement with purpose.

Controlled, slow and mindful movements, the same principles as in yoga.

Engage your muscles, clear your mind and follow the flow. All patterns are specifically selected for each unique exercise.

Purposefully contract your muscles and obtain optimal results.

Lots of curated content.

Take the Challenge.

Themed weekly challenges keep things interesting while tracking your progress.

Choose a Workout.

Find a workout that matches your exercise goals or the mood you're in.

Start a Program.

Curated programs support you on your fitness journey over several weeks.

"A tiny gym in your pocket."

"I like that I don't have to go to the gym to exercise."

"I'm only about 2 minutes in, and I'm already feeling the burn."

"An easy way to stay active throughout the day, no matter where you are."


I tried it and I immediately fell in love. It makes working out just a little bit more like playing a game.


What an amazing device! I am just getting started with it but the amount & variety of exercises that comes with the app is great.

Suzanne F.

The product is ingenious!! I'm able to get a good workout without doing further damage to my back and in only 15 minutes a day.



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Activ5 is a portable workout device and mobile app that coaches you through low impact, isometric based workouts in as little as 5 minutes per day.

This Package Contains:

  • Activ5 Device
  • Mobile Stand

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