The basics.

Get into position.

Grab your device, pick a workout and get started. It's as easy as that.

Follow the curve.

As you apply more force, the orange dot moves up. Less force, and it moves down. Use just enough to keep it on the line.

See how you did.

See how you stack up against the last time you did each exercise — so you’re always motivated to improve.

Just Squeeze.

Adjusts to your strength level.

Activ5 measures your strength and adjust the difficulty every time you perform an exercise.

Calibrated to your personal ability, whether you are 5, 35 or 75.

Follow the Patterns.

The curve pattern helps improve your muscle control and coordination.

The strength pattern allows your muscles to perform at their peak as it uses the optimal time under tension.

The balance pattern helps you improve your stability.

Variations for endurancestrength and warmup,cool downexercises.

Beyond reps and calories.

Get objective feedback on your training sessions and see your activity over time.

Your muscle control will help motivate you to stay strong.

Weekly goals and reminders will keep you on track.

Lots of curated content.

The Activ5 mobile app offers lots of content prepared by professional trainers. You will never be bored.

Take the Challenge.

Themed weekly challenges keep things interesting while tracking your progress.

Choose a Workout.

Find a workout that matches your exercise goals or the mood you're in.

Start a Program.

Curated programs support you on your fitness journey over several weeks.

It holds up.

Activ5 measures your strength with sensors and can absorb over 100 lb of pressure, so push as hard as you can.

The device communicates via Bluetooth with your smartphone.

Powered by a replaceable AAA battery.